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About The
 Pamlico County Arts Council


The mission of Pamlico County Arts Council (PCAC) is to promote, sponsor, and advocate the diversity and growth of all the creative arts in Pamlico County – visual, performing, and literary; to promote the creative arts as vital to the economic growth of Pamlico County; to support and advocate creative arts programs in the schools of Pamlico County; to preserve the cultural heritage of Pamlico County; and to raise funds to support these efforts. The PCAC has placed great emphasis on bringing the arts to the schools and providing new initiatives county-wide.


The Pamlico County Arts Council was founded in 1977 in Pamlico County. The roots of our early heritage are still visible today. Currently, the council is governed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors who are also responsible for bringing such amazing event experiences to our community, such as the Dragon Burn, Pirate Jam, and so much more.

We support art projects, art organizations, and programs through memberships and fundraisers. Pamlico County Arts Council receives funding from the North Carolina Arts Council.

We promote a broad spectrum of visual, performing, and literary arts. Pamlico County Arts Council supports "Arts in Education" programs in our public and charter schools. We also help to promote and preserve the cultural heritage of our region. Pamlico County Arts Council recognizes and advocates that art can produce a more vital economy.

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